We’ve Got News! #4


This past week Disney has released details about their highly anticipated new streaming service. The release of this news came with high praise and plenty of fans who are very happy to hear that the new Disney+ service will cost $6.99 a month considering one of the biggest streaming services Netflix has raised prices averaging at about $13 a month, the response was well received. Plenty of millennials are noting that this streaming service is offering the promise of nostalgia with our favorite Disney channel original movies and television shows available to watch on this service. Additionally, Disney also announced four new original series involving marvel superheroes that is another big selling point for exclusive original content for big Disney and Marvel fans. 

The article mentions how big millennial streaming culture is and how this is a perfect combination for millennial viewers to watch the shows they love for a cheap price all in one place. While some may be happy about this addition, others are angry about the addition of yet another streaming service. Considering the arrival of this service will account for the loss of plenty of Disney movies and shows on other streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. The article mentions how many are skeptic that while the service is attractive now, they will eventually raise their prices just as all other services have and just not interested in forking out money for yet another service. Of course, this begs the question once the service is launched and people are going to make a choice between Disney+ and Netflix will most likely revolve around personal preference. I think this also shows how wide spread and popular streaming services have become in reference to regular cable. 


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